About Us

“Because every inspired business needs a community of dedicated experts and like minded business cohearts in their corner!”

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough! If you’re like the rest of us, your time is like gold! Finding expertise covering areas of your business when you need it most can be daunting! Finding a comprehensive virtual community with experts providing content dedicated to your small and diverse business, well…that’s like finding gold!

Minority Masterminds is an Evolution in Business Strategy! We are a business knowledge community where small and diverse businesses can find critical business information, engage in conversations, and ask pressing questions.

Who We Are

Wherever you are on your business journey, from start-up to exit strategy, we’ve got you! We are your fellow entrepreneurs, with specific subject matter expertise covering all areas of a growing business! You will love our publications, our platforms, and the engaging conversations they create! Minority Masterminds is here to help, every step of the way!

So, whatever your social engagement preference; like, follow, join, or subscribe! But, jump on board with us! ~ Let’s go on this great business journey together!

What We Do

We are a business knowledge community where small and diverse businesses can find critical business information. Our Subject Matter Experts provide invaluable content around critical business functions from certification, business vetting and evaluation, operations, finance, marketing and event strategy, branding, and business development, growth strategy to name a few. Our collaborative is here to help you launch, grow, and scale, or even plan your exit!

A message from Sherry Chamblee, Advisory Board and Corporate Supplier Diversity Executive.

“Corporations are seeking small, diverse suppliers who can bring value to their supply chains. Suppliers must demonstrate knowledge & capabilities that out-perform their peers, while drawing attention and esteem. Minority Masterminds provides a vast multi-platform ecosystem and community where suppliers can go to collaborate, grow, and scale. Such an ecosystem has been long awaited. Brilliant! Can’t wait to see its impact!"

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